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Secure your household with efficient Appliance Repair Experts solutions. Call us today (913) 279-9000

Our licensed technicians deliver professional appliance repair in Kansas City, KS. When you need it done promptly and for a reasonable price, you've found the right crew. We are able to assist you six days per week. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on each service call.

(913) 279-9000

Appliance repair in Kansas City discount
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Our technicians are all trained in every service we offer. We have access to replacement parts for all major brands and will be able to find a right solution to getting your appliance up and running.

We will get your appliance fixed as soon as possible

Appliance repair fair price in Kansas City KS

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Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you need just one part to make your appliance working again, we are here to help. We stock appliance repair parts for most major brands from Whirpool and SubZero to Maytag and Bosch.
Our ordering service is simple and nearly all packages can be shipped for next day delivery. Do not hesitate and call us or order online.
There are four easy ways to find parts.
1. Search our illustrated parts breakdowns by entering your model number in the search box on the left side of the page.
2. If you know your part number, you can enter it in the search box on the left side of the page.
3. You can browse through our categories for photos of the most popular parts and accessories
4. If you need any help finding the part or accessory that you are looking for, you can call our customer care agents at 877-403-3188.
You should remember that replacing worn out parts before they break can increase your appliance's life expectancy. If you follow the manufacturer's directions, you may be able to service it yourself. Otherwise you can contact our repair service directly to come and look at your appliances.

Experiencing issues with your refrigerator or refrigerator parts can be extremely frustrating and disruptive to the flow of your household. Especially when your perishable food items inside go to waste, when you are left without a functioning refrigerator. We aim to work quickly and effectively to fix the problem for you. This way you can be free to focus your attention on your family, work, and other areas of your life. So call us today to take that burden off of your shoulders. It's what we do best.

As a homeowner, no one likes the inconvenience of a malfunctioning washer. With that also comes the potential for costly water and property damage. If you happen to be experiencing leakage from your washer, or if it is not working like it used to, contact us now. We have a strong team of licensed professionals to handle the issue for you in a timely and effective manner. Chiefly, if you see water leakage, the problem usually leads to bigger problems, so don't put off calling.

We provide exceptional oven repair in Kansas City, KS and the areas beyond. Our team of licensed professionals would be elated to offer you our second to none, oven repair services. So if you need us, contact us right away. We'll get your oven fixed as quickly as possible. Our licensed technicians are available to visit your home six days a week. It is a hassle to have an oven on the fritz, so call us soon to get it fixed!

Life is hectic enough as is; so when your range or stove parts are malfunctioning, it can make things even more stressful. We offer range repair in Kansas City, KS and areas beyond. When you invite us to your home you can expect fast and effective service each and every time. Our licensed technicians are happy to help six days a week with the range repair service that you need. We specialize in different kinds of range repair.

Not having a working dishwasher can be a terrible inconvenience; especially if you have a full household or a family. When it comes to timely dishwasher repair, we provide exemplary dishwasher repair service. Our crew of professionally trained, licensed technicians is ready to go to work for you. Our goal is to execute fast and effective dishwasher repair service on each and every in-house call. We are now servicing dishwasher repair and dishwasher parts in Kansas City, KS. Give us a call today.

When your freezer is on the fritz or not working completely as you would like it to, don't wait another minute to contact the professionals. It's an inconvenience to not have a well functioning freezer to store your frozen goods and ice, no matter what time of year it is. Our team of professionally trained and licensed technicians is reliable and dependable. You can count on our high quality freezer repair service. Our technicians aim to please and get the job done as quickly as possible...

Are you getting a gargling noise and no ice dispensing from your ice maker? How long have you put off contacting a professional to fix it for you? Don't waste your time any longer fiddling with ice cube trays. They can make a mess and they take longer. Reclaim the convenience of having an ice maker in your kitchen, call us today. Our crew of professionally trained, licensed technicians is ready to come to the rescue.

Is your garbage disposal not functioning as you think it should? Whether it's a clogged sink, or a garbage disposal that is no longer running, we can help. If you are in need of assistance our team of licensed technicians can assist you today with garbage disposal repair service. It can be very dangerous to attempt to tinker with or repair your garbage disposal on your own when you're not a trained professional. Don't hesitate a day longer...

Our licensed technicians deliver professional appliance repair in Kansas City, KS. When you need it done promptly and for a reasonable price, you've found the right crew. We are able to assist you 6 days per week. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on each service call.

Here is an example of what you can expect to encounter on the initial Service Call:
1) The potential issue is examined by our licensed technicians, to pin-point the problem with your appliance or appliance parts.
2) If a problem is found with your appliance or appliance parts, the technician will provide a full written estimate of all parts and labor. We calculate the figures from the MASNGP, which is the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.
3) When our customers decide to go ahead with the appliance repair work, the service call fee is then waived. In addition, the travel charge, hourly rate, and diagnosis fee are also not charged to the customer.
4) In the event that you elect to not have the service performed, then a charge would only apply for the service call and the written estimate.

We are well aware that you have a great selection to choose from in appliance repair. We also recognize how inconvenient it can be to have issues with your major household appliances. We hope you'll choose to give us the opportunity to earn your trust and your business for professional appliance repair and appliance parts in Kansas City, KS.

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Since your microwave is probably one of the most convenient appliances in your kitchen, who wants to go without it when you don't have to? It can be stressful to have a malfunctioning microwave, as it can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to make quick and easy meals for yourself and for your family. Let us relieve your microwave repair problems for you. It's what we do best. We are currently servicing microwave maintenance and microwave repair in Kansas City, KS and the nearby cities.

Since most households use their dryers just about every day, it is a highly essential major household appliance. It's one of those things that you may take for granted until it is not functioning as you need it to. Most people rely on their dryer to prepare work and school clothing for themselves and for their family. Procrastinating typically only makes matters worse.

Kansas City appliance repair
Kansas City appliance repair